Easter with Little Ones

I was really disappointed to find the lack of resources available when it comes to Easter with toddlers. Easter is the most important holiday to the Christian faith. Christ’s resurrection is the reason we have hope. While Christmas is important, and many other family traditions, I wanted to do a little more for Easter than the Easter bunny and eggs… neither of which have anything to do with Christ.

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Here are some Easter traditions that we enjoy with our toddler/preschoolers:
1. We love using our resurrection eggs. I keep them in a big Easter basket on the counter with the book “Benjamin’s Box”. Every night after dinner, one child picks an egg and opens it, Daddy reads the corresponding page from “Benjamin’s Box”. The book is just right for my 5 year old, a little old though for the younger ones, but they like looking at the egg and its contents. The resurrection eggs also come with a short story to talk about with each egg, Benjamin’s Box is just an extra book we like to use.

2. We LOVE reading books. I spent some time finding some Easter books that tell the true message of Easter. I hope to add to my Easter book collection every year. Here are some books from our collection:

1. What is Easter by Michelle Medlock Adams (great for the littlest people)

2. God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren

3. The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg (you can get this one with 2 different artists, both are the same story)

4. Arch Books makes a several short stories focused on different parts of Easter, this are better for ages 5 and up

3. We also started learning about the names of Jesus at Easter. I printed out 24 names and verses (where the names are located) on strips of paper, and the kids and I made it into a paper chain. We take one ring off the paper chain every day and read the verse. They love this activity. You can google “Names of Jesus Advent” or just make your own list of names.

4. Thriving Family, by Focus on the family has several resources you can download for the week leading to Easter with activities.

5. We are also planning on making resurrection rolls sometime this month. While we make the rolls we will talk about what happened to Jesus and what that means for us.

6. I also found this blog post sharing what a family did leading up to Easter in their family. It has 10 activities (1 for each of the 10 days leading up to Easter) that are perfect for preschool ages.