Multitasking with Audio-books

The kids are napping and you have a list of housework. Not feeling so motivated to do the laundry? There are many things to improve motivation, start by praying about your attitude, stay positive, and make a plan so you don’t get overwhelmed. Another tool I use to help me enjoy my work even more is listening to audio-books. Not only do I get my “work” done, but I also get to enjoy it and maybe even learn something new!audiobooks

In today’s culture, most libraries carry a wide selection of audio-books, which is where I get all of mine. I can request books online to pick up or browse the aisles. I prefer requesting them since I have the toddlers tagging along, and one of them thinks it is really fun to run up and down the aisles screaming.

The only problem with getting a physical audio-book is that now I am chained down to a location by a cd player, or I have to spend a horrible amount of time transferring the book to my mp3 player. My favorite method of listening to audio-books is through my library one-click-digital app. I download the app onto my phone, then browse my library’s selection of books on the app and check it out instantly. Now I can stick my phone in my pocket and walk all around, so I can “read” while I do housework or exercise. Check and see if your local library has a similar app for listening to audio-books.


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