Homeschool Preschool Ideas

Here are some (of many) ideas to help you get started with your own homeschool preschool. Remember, encourage the process over the product.

Age 2-3

  • Busy Bags (check Pinterest)
  • Sort various buttons into a muffin pan, let them pick how to sort
  • Use a shape or color sorting toy
  • Scissor Practice
    • Teach how to hold scissors
    • Give your child a piece of paper and let them cut it into little pieces until they are done
  • Kumon First Steps Workbooks
    • These are great for fine motor development
  • Put different colored papers on the floor- have toddler jump to the color you call out
  • Get a bunch of stickers, have child peel and stick stickers on a laminated paper  to make them re-usable
  • Write out the names of family members in separate papers, have child identify their name, then call out other names and have them point to it
  • Show child the first letter of their first name, teach the sound of that letter
  • Give child 2 sets of shapes, (on paper or 3-d object) have child match the shapes
  • Give child 2 bowls of beans, have child scoop beans from left to right (learning direction as a foundation for reading), have child try different scooping tools
  • Give child 2 bowls of cotton balls, have child use tongs or tweezers to move balls from left to right
  • Give child 2 jars, 1 with a small amount of water, have child use eye dropper or turkey baster to move water from left to right, have towel or sponge nearby and have child clean up spills
  • Have child sort counting bears into different colored cups
  • Count steps when you walk up and down them
  • Listen to music, dance, maybe even get a pot and spoon out for a drum

Age 3-4

  • Build on/continue the activity ideas for ages 2-3
  • Write out child’s name in pencil, have child trace it in highlighter
  • Draw a line or squiggle on a paper, have child cut following the line
  • Buy a box of plastic spoons, write each letter on 2 spoons, have children match spoons, or have child match spoons to alphabet chart
  • Have child sort buttons or beads by size, color, shape etc.
  • Have child use buttons or beads or counting bears to make an ABABAB pattern, then a ABCABCABC pattern
  • Create a sound book for child whole punch blank pages and put in binder, on each page write a letter in 6 different colors, when you point to the letter the child should say the sound, point to each letter on the page. Start with the letters in the child’s name.
  • Have child string beads on a string or shoe lace
  • Write out child’s first name, have them match letters to their name
  • Give child a tray of art supplies, let them create on their own
  • Listen to music, dance, sing songs

Age 4-5

  • Build on/continue the activity ideas for ages 3-4
  • Have child write out first name and learn last name, child can look at alphabet chart for reference
  • Use sticks, bears, or anything anywhere to count, keep counting higher and higher
  • Use counting bears to begin introducing addition and subtraction
  • Continue developing patterns
  • Create a blank book and have your child illustrate 1 page a day, when it is done they can illustrate the cover and title it
  • Have child continue to cut out shapes and follow lines when cutting
  • Give child a box of letters, have them find and arrange all the letters in their first name, then show them the last name and do the same
  • Give child a tray of supplies, art or other, see what they do/make
  • Look for letters everywhere, when they see it have them say the sound
  • When reading books have them listen for a certain word, or look for a letter
  • After reading a book ask questions about what happened in the story

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