Discipleship Night

It is our responsibility to foster a love of God in our children. We teach them about God in various ways throughout our day. One thing I put in our schedule is discipleship night. Discipleship night happens once a week in our house. I’ve looked forward to using the Family Night Tool Chest Series when my children are older, but I wanted a similar tool to use for my children right now as preschoolers and toddlers. I found the Pray & Play Bible for Young Children and have loved using it!

pray and play bible

The book has select stories from the bible. Each lesson begins with a story with full page pictures. The story is followed by a lesson including songs that relate to the story, prayer time, crafts, and a variety of other activities and ideas.

I like that the lessons incorporate multiple ways of learning for the children, using all their senses and kinesthetic learning. I also LOVE that it has a lesson and activities to teach children to pray. There are multiple activities and options to fit the supplies you have on hand and the time and activities you want to do. Every activity in the lesson is easy and simple and takes little prep.

To prep for discipleship night I list it on my family admin role in my schedule and make sure it is prepped before the scheduled night. I keep the Pray and Play Bible in a large tote bag with all the supplies we will need for the lesson. When it is time for discipleship night we pull out the bag and are ready to go.

Other ideas for discipleship night:

  • Give it a theme/focus, pick a verse to recite, a book to read, and an activity to do
    • Service- Talk about serving others, then do something together in your neighborhood or community or family
    • Kindness- Memorize Ephesians 4:32, talk about ways you can be kind to others, act out a play of someone being kind
    • Rest- Read a verse about rest, read a story (Night-Night, Forest Friends

      by Annie Bach), discuss how you rest, act out napping and waking up–my kids LOVE getting blankets out and “napping” during play time

  • Read a bible story out of a children’s bible, act it out
  • Look into the Family Night Tool Chest Books