Keep the Pantry Stocked

I was making cookies the other day and I ran out of vanilla, so I walked over to my pantry expecting to find my extra bottle there when I was disappointed to find I was completely out. My system had FAILED! Let’s just blame someone else in my family… they must have forgotten to mark vanilla on the shopping list!!!! The goal of a stocked pantry is to never run out of what you need.


It is frustrating to need vanilla, sugar, flour, oatmeal, baking powder, or any other ingredient and be out. When I add a new favorite recipe to our list (like my favorite Granola), I make sure I have a 2 of everything. My granola recipe uses Real Maple Syrup, so when I started making it I bought 2, 1 to use and 1 for the pantry. When the 1 I’m using runs out I get the one out of the pantry and then I MARK MY SHOPPING LIST! This is where my vanilla shortage problem was. If you use the vanilla from the pantry and never mark the list you will eventually run out, completely out!

So the next time you need a spice, onion soup mix, brown sugar, vinegar, or other item you use regularly, buy 2- 1 to use and 1 to replace it. Every time you grab your back up from the pantry, mark your grocery list. If you do this you will never be missing an ingredient again… well hopefully not.

If you find a sale on these items, buy more than 1, maybe even stock up if it is a great sale! Just remember, when you start to run low, or grab that last bottle/bag, mark your list!