The Memory Box

My children are always developing their skills and creating artistic masterpieces. I love to look at them and see my children grown and learn, but the amount of masterpieces created is a little overwhelming, especially from 3 budding artists! So what’s a loving mother to do?

Here is what happens to these beautiful creations in our house:

  1. Masterpiece is shown to daddy and possibly taken with him to his office
  2. Masterpieces that don’t make the daddy cut are displayed in a designated area (ours is in the play room using the Ikea curtain wire and clips, which can be found on Amazon)
  3. Once the display is full my children sit on a chair surrounded by their masterpieces while I snap a photo
  4. Extra special masterpieces are saved for The Memory Box, not so special pieces go in the garbage (usually during quiet time)
  5. Photos taken of the child and masterpieces are printed and put either in their photo album or join the extra special masterpieces in the memory box
  6. Start over at #1
My son surrounded by some of his masterpieces

The Memory Box

This can take whatever form you want. Maybe a shoe box for each child that they decorate, or a large tote if you want to keep larger items (not just artwork) in the box as well. I just started using a portable file box. You can find these boxes in varying sizes and styles. Each child has their own file in the box for their masterpieces.

I keep our memory box tucked away somewhere to look at on special occasions. Looking back at their creations is a great way for them to visually see how they have grown and changed and what they have accomplished. Looking back also brings fond memories and can re-teach lessons already learned.