Children’s Five Minute Devotional

One of my favorite times to teach my children is meal time. At meal time I have a captive audience–well at least as captive as a preschoolers and toddlers can be. When my children were very young I often struggled with what to talk about during meal time, reading a book or a devotional or memorizing scripture has given meal time some structure and fun memories while teaching my children some christian values.

We have recently began a book that has been sitting on our shelf for a while, Five-Minute Devotions for Children: Celebrating God’s World as a Family by Pamela Kennedy“. 

This devotional is PERFECT for my 5 year old, my 3 1/2 year old loves it as well, but doesn’t always understand the concepts. I think it would be great for ages 4-10. I still feel like my younger 2 boys are soaking in some truths and we are laying a foundation of Godly conversations.

I love that the book is spiral bound, it allows me to fold it over so the kids can see the picture and I can easily read the text. There are a few other devotionals in the series, this is the only one we have tried. I love that this one is focused on different animals in the world, the kids love learning about the animals. Throughout the day we bring up reminders of the animals, for example, you are acting like a “wildcat”.  Following the text there are a 4ish questions on the picture page, a couple relate to the animal and a couple draw out how the animal relates to our actions and why it is important to God. There is also a verse to go along with each animal/lesson.

If you have a younger audience I have a few other recommendations on my resources page.