Travelling Wise Men

Through Thanksgiving I will be highlighting different Christmas traditions we currently do or have tried in our family. Today I will be talking about Travelling Wise Men.

As we know from Matthew 2, it was not at the birth of Jesus that the Wise Men visited, it was sometime later. Scholar’s think Jesus may have been around 2 years old due to King Herod’s decree to kill baby boys 2 and under. Last year was our first year to have “travelling wise men”. Starting December 1st each wise man started his journey to find Jesus. It worked well that we had 3 wise men and 3 children, each child was assigned a wise man to find each day. Each night after the children went to bed we would hide the wise men. The first night the wise men would start far away from Jesus (our nativity set) and then every night when we hid them they would be closer. When the kids woke up in the morning they would find their wise men and play with them for the day.

This year the wise men will make their journey starting the day after Christmas and travel during the 12 days of Christmas, they will arrive at the nativity set on Epiphany.

Epiphany is also known as the “Feast of the Three Kings”. Epiphany is when we celebrate that the wise men made their journey to find baby Jesus.

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