Searching for Salvation

Searching for the gift of salvation is a fun Christmas tradition we started last year. After decorating the Christmas tree we wrapped a small box and decorated it with ribbon so it could be hung on the Christmas tree. We planned to “hide” the gift somewhere on the Christmas tree, but our children are all small and we felt the tree was too tall for them to search for the ornament, we therefore hid the gift somewhere in the house.

A member of the family started by hiding the gift somewhere in the house. When another member found the gift they hid it again for another person to find. This was a fun tradition and kept going until Christmas. We talked about how the small gift represented the gift of salvation that came through baby Jesus, when we seek Jesus he says we shall find him (Matthew 7:7). Instead of using a gift as your ornament to seek and find, your family could use for the present ornament is a baby Jesus ornament.

Searching for salvation.png