An Overwhelmed Christmas

If you have been following along, over the past month I have been sharing several ideas that we do in my home during the Christmas season. I am sharing them early so you can pick what you want to do and get started planning. If you are like anyone else in the world, you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, ESPECIALLY at Christmas!

An overwhelmed Christmas.png

There are hoards of recipes, parties, play dates, crafts, family gatherings, traditions etc. to plan, prepare, partake in, and clean up from. It is only a matter of time before you break down crying and start praying for January 2nd. If you are hoping to implement some new spiritually based (or anything else) Christmas traditions this year, don’t go overboard and wear yourself out. Start small. Pick 1 thing this year, next year pick another thing to add on. Before you know it you will have your Christmas traditions whipped into place and look forward to the holiday season!

Spend some time thinking about your traditions, ask your children what they remember about Christmas, ask your husband what is important to him. Our purpose here on earth is to live in relationship, healthy relationships with Christ and with others, sharing Jesus’ love and power. This purpose is the same at Christmas, Easter, and Independence day. If cooking is important to you and your relationships, then great, do it. If not it does not help, but hinder your relationships, if you are trying to have the perfect meal, the perfect gifts, the perfect crafts, the perfect advent, the perfect…. consider why you feel these are important traditions. Do you need to shift your holiday traditions? Do you need to keep it simpler to have time for your real purpose? Traditions should help us teach our children what we consider important. Do your traditions do this?