Christmas Traditions

During October and November I shared a variety of Christmas traditions we have loved in our home. You will find all these posted on the blog. Here is a list of what I shared:

  1. Christmas Around the World- Book and Map Activities
  2. 12 Days of Christmas Celebration- Following Christmas, Names of Jesus 
  3. Travelling Wise men- Fun game teaching about the Wise men travelling to find Jesus
  4. Advent Calendar Ideas- We do themed days throughout all of December
  5. Searching for Salvation- Hide and seek with a gift
  6. Christmas Family Devotional- we will be doing this devotional with Daddy in the evenings
  7. Making an Advent Wreath– a fairly new tradition for us
  8. Decorating Party- Have the family join in on the decorating fun, even the little ones!

I hope your Christmas season if off to a great start!