Favorite Cook Books

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift you will use all year here are my favorite cookbooks. These books will also jump start your healthy eating choices for the next year.

I began running very regularly August 2015. Along with my running I began to research training regimens and nutrition for a runner. During this time I came across the runner’s world cookbooks. This was the first of these 3 books I purchased.

Meals on the Run is full of AMAZING recipes. From breakfast to sides to main dishes you can find healthy choices full of flavor. I love that every recipe in this book takes 30 minutes or less to make, perfect for a busy night. I also love that the ingredients are *mostly* normal. I don’t have to google the ingredient to find out what it even looks like, they are mostly normal ingredients I can find at my local store.

After I fell in love with Meals on the Run  I went ahead and purchased the other Runner’s World cookbook.

This book added more healthy recipes to my collection. These recipes may take longer than 30 minutes, but they are still simple and easy. Like my other cookbook, the recipes are full of normal healthy ingredients. The Runner’s World Cookbook also includes some delicious, but not terribly unhealthy desserts.

The Runner’s World cookbooks are definitely my favorite. This next book is new to me and has many recipes so far that I have loved. They also do a great job of taking traditional favorites and making them a little more healthy while still providing amazing flavor. My favorite thing about the So Easy cookbook is that it groups recipes together so you have a whole meal ready to go, which can sometimes be the hardest part of meal planning.