The Winter Menu

I was just making my my menu for the week and looked back over it and saw I had written down all soups, and most of them had something in them my husband didn’t like (squash, lemon, sweet potatoes etc.)… this was going to be a failure of a week in the food department! So how can I plan a successful week’s meals with minimum work that everyone (well most everyone) will somewhat enjoy?


I keep a list of all the recipes my family enjoys (my rotating menu- one for winter and one for summer). When we try something new I write a note on that recipe how we felt about it and if it passes the test I add it to the menu. Once or twice a year I go through our recipes and update my Summer Menu and my Winter Menu. When I make a menu I usually pull out this list and pick a week and boom, the meals are planned, I just have to create my grocery list for the week. I often alter the menu to accomodate for leftovers we have in the fridge or to try a new recipe.

Here is our current winter menu, this hasn’t been updated since this last summer, so I have new recipes to add to the list, but it gives you a good view of how I organize my menu that I pull my weekly meal plan from.


For more in depth details about how I create my meal plan and rotating menu look at this article: Creating a Menu