Fox and Geese

One of my favorite childhood memories is playing fox and geese as a family during the winter. This last winter we taught our children this game. My (then) 4 year old LOVED it. We would turn on our outside lights and play almost every night after daddy got home.

How to Play

Fox and Geese.png

Make the track

Fox and Geese is like playing tag, but on a track. To make the track one person makes a large circle in the snow (everyone follows to help make the track visible). The bigger the circle the more you will run. Then starting on one side you cross the middle of the circle cutting it in half, do this again the other way, creating a large x in your circle. We always only did two diameter lines, you can add more if you want, creating more “spokes” in the large wheel (your circle).

Rules of Play

One person is the “fox”, the fox must start the game on the circle. All the “Geese” (everyone else) gather in the middle of the x (where all the spokes cross), this is the safety spot, the fox can’t tag (eat) any geese in this spot.
The fox starts the game by saying “scatter geese” all geese must then run from their safety spot, everyone must stay on the track at all times, no running off or cutting corners. One special rule is that once a goose starts down a path, they can’t turn around until they reach an intersection (we don’t use this role with our little ones). After the Geese have ran from the safety spot, they can return to it and safety at any time. If all geese gather in safety in the middle, the fox again calls “scatter geese”.

When the fox tags a goose they become the new fox and the fox is now a goose. All geese gather in the middle and play starts over.