Delight in Your Children

The Treasure Tree is one of our favorite books. The children and I will sit and read through the whole book (takes about an hour). It is so fun to learn about the different personalities God has created in us and how we can use our personality to work together to accomplish a goal. It is also a great tool for learning to accept others!

The 4 personalities in the Treasure Tree are the Lion, Beaver, Golden R, and Otter. The lion is a brave leader, the beaver busy, tidy, and prepared, the golden retriever is a sensitive listener, and the otter playful and fun. I am an even mix of a lion-beaver. Because of my personality I tend to be serious, efficient, and down to business. I often miss out on the joy and care that God planned in relationships and life. Last fall as I was praying over this area, especially in relation to my children God have me a word to focus on, “delight”. I started to pray that I would delight in my children. The more I prayed over this the more I desired to delight in them, to have joy and excitement in who they are and what they do.

This is a long journey I am beginning and every day and every moment is taken one step at a time. Some times I am so overwhelmed by their excitement for life that I just want peace and quiet other times I delight in them and get swept into their passion. When I delight in them I connect with them, I learn about who they are and what they are excited about, and I fall in love with them.

As this year gets off to a great start, I will continue to pray that I delight in my children, just as the Lord delights in me.