Passing Down Family Liturgy

I remember singing the doxology at family gatherings, I loved to listen to everyone sing the praise to God together. I often hear other biblical passages or spiritual writings that I wish I knew by heart. I decided that I wanted to also teach them to my children.

I started typing up the writings that I wanted to pass down. I then printed and laminated them and keep them on a ring so I can flip through them at meal time. Often times at dinner, instead of praying we will read one of these writings together, or just listen while one person reads. This also gives us an opportunity to talk about the rich spiritual theology in the writings.

Our collection will grow with time. So far we have:

  • The doxology
  • The Lord’s prayer (broken down in segments)
  • The Niceen Creed
  • A prayer of turning to God in Obedience
  • How to Pray for someone to Follow Jesus
  • Psalm 136 (this one is fun, the kids say “His Love Endures Forever” after every line)

This also works great in conjunction with teaching your children how to pray.


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