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My role as the family manager requires so much, and if I do not slot out time for this role in my schedule I do not believe I would succeed.

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Defining Your Role

I started this process by writing down what it meant to be a family manager, what is my job description. Here is what I came up with:

“The role of Family Manager: The family manager will develop and carry out strategies to accomplish short term and long term goals that are developed as a team by the CEO (husband) and manager (wife) of the household, using God as their ultimate source of wisdom and direction. The manager should encourage, inspire, and motivate the family to move forward together towards the the long term goals.”

I then categorized my responsibilities, this will look different for different homes, but here is my list (these may change with time):

  • Food prep
  • Household
    • Fixing broken things
    • Organizing that messy closet
    • Hanging up those new curtains
  • Family Manager
  • Cleaning
  • To-do
    • This is my general to do projects that do not fall in another category

Making Your Schedule

Once you have your role divided into categories of responsibilities your next step is to plug in times for each of these categories into your calendar. I do most my cleaning with my children, so this generally falls in the morning on my schedule. All my other categories get an hour time slot during quiet time in the afternoon.

I used to use a paper schedule and wrote everything out for the next week on Friday, printed and would check things off until I got into my rhythm. Now I plug my schedule in google calendar.

Following Through

Once you have time slotted out for each category of your role you have to actually do something productive during that time. If I do not prep the time rolls around for “household” and I think, what am I going to do… nothing comes to mind so I do nothing. To stay on target I make keep a list for each category. This was the nice benefit of the paper schedule, my list was on the bottom of the schedule. Now I just keep a separate paper list, you could also make an electronic list. The point is you have a list somewhere.

This list is basically a “to-do” for each category. When you think of something that needs to be done like “come up with new activities for homeschool preschool”, you write it down. Then when it is time to work on “family management” I have productive things to do that will improve my home and family and ultimately accomplish my goals.

Get Started

Do not wait to start this, start now. Here is a worksheet I put together to help you get started: familymanagerplanningworksheet. Take some time and fill out the worksheet, pray and think about your responsibilities and when you are going to find time to do them so you stay ahead of the game instead of always being a “hot mess”. Go over this with your husband, ask for his thoughts and input, ask for his wisdom as the leader of your home.



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