Writing Letters

Sometimes learning to write letters can be a bit tricky. If your kids are like mine they were able to identify and make letter sounds much earlier than they were able to write the letters. Some of this comes with fine motor development, some with just remembering all those shapes. Here are some ideas to help your little learn to write letters. These are also some FUN home school preschool activities!


Inexpensive Writing Practice

  1. Salt Box/Salt Tray Letters
    • Fill a shallow tray or dish with salt, put the letter the child is working on in front of them, have the child trace the letter into the salt, then gently shake the dish to erase it
    • Rice would work as well
    • I like to coordinate this with our letter of the week or letters they already know the sound for, having them say the sound as they write it in the salt is bonus!
  2. Sandpaper and Yarn Letters
    • Using sand paper, give your child lengths of yarn, have them use the yarn to make letters
    • This would work great when learning to spell their name
  3. Spaghetti Letters
    • Cook up some spaghetti make letters out of the noodles
  4. Snowy Letters
    • Use a stick or hand to make letters in the snow
  5. Frosty Letters
    • Cold outside? Have your child blow on the window until it frosts, then they can write their letter on the window
  6. Tracing
    • Write the letter or letters on a piece of paper, have the child trace the letter with a highlighter

Other Letter Practice

I have several other tools I use for home school preschool that help improve letter writing and identification.

  1. Chalk board
    • I have 2 8 x 10 Chalkboards that I got at a local store, I have my children practice writing their names, letters, shapes, and numbers on them. They love the different colored chalk and the unique texture of the chalkboard.

  2. Textured Letter Puzzle
    • Textured puzzles work great for writing practice and letter identification
    • For writing practice I have my child trace the letter with his finger
    • For letter identification I do several activities
      • For name recognition and spelling, depending on where the child is in their learning I will pull out the letters in their name, or the child will, then the child will use the letters to spell his/her name
      • I also will give the child a name or sound and have them find the letter
      • The child also puts all the letters back in the correct location when we are finished

  3. Melissa and Doug Letter Shapes
    • I use the Melissa and Doug letters the same as the textured puzzle, it is just fun to have another tool
    • These are also magnetic, so you could put them on a cookie sheet or your fridge

  4. Alphabet Strips
    • This is a strip/poster I have up for the children to look at. I often have them match letters up to the poster.
    • Now that my daughter is older (5), when she asks how to write a certain letter I have her go look at the poster