Conscious Discipline

Our local preschool offers a class called Conscious Discipline every year for parents. This last fall we were struggling with our middle child constantly being in a state of emotional chaos we decided to check the class out. We were very happy with the course and appreciated that the principles are based on research.

Conscious discipline focuses on understanding your child’s development, teaches parents how to react to children, and how to use children’s intrinsic motivation to teach life long skills. We have learned how to teach our children about their emotions, how to teach them to calm and control their emotions, how to work with our children to accomplish what needs to be done, how to give consequences, how to connect with our children, how to set up an environment of safety, learning, and cooperation, and more. We feel like Conscious Discipline prepares our children for success.

Classes are hosted all over the nation, in our community they are free and often include childcare. To learn how you can find a local class go to the Conscious Discipline website. You can also find Dr. Bailey’s books on Amazon:

This book discusses the 7 principles of Conscious Discipline and gives you the tools needed to start in your home.