The Love Chart

I was recently inspired by my magazine Thriving Family, by Focus on the Family to notice “acts of love” throughout the month of February. In our family, we talk a lot about Godly love and how to show God’s love, so this idea of recognizing acts of love went right along with our teaching.


How it Works

Throughout the month of February, anytime someone in our family acts in love they will get to pick out a heart to hang on our “Love Chart”. Some examples would be “wow, Claire, you really showed that you love God by obeying me the first time, you get to pick out a heart for our love chart”, or “wow, Landen, you really showed love to your sister when you gave her your last piece of candy, that was kind”.

At the end of every day, we will count how many times God’s love shined through our actions. We will talk about how if we grow closer to God, his love will continue to shine through us. Then we will close the day by praying for God to teach us to love others. This would be a great closing to the day after everyone is ready for bed, or at the family dinner table.

Make Your Own

This board was super easy to make, it was leftover from one of my advent calendars, so I am excited to use it for another holiday.


Burlap Canvas

Jute String

Miniature Clothespin (your local craft store may have more color options)

Valentines themed craft paper

Heart punch (or just use scissors)

  1. Measure out the sting and staple to the back of the board, make sure you tie the string around the staple to stabilize it
  2. Attach clothespins to the string
  3. Cut hearts out of a variety of valentines themed scrapbook paper (I just used what I found on hand)- keep these nearby and let your kids pick which one to hang up

Maybe everyone on your family will start to be on the lookout for a little love!