Getting Your Child READY! for Kindergarten-Homeschool Preschool Ideas

READY! for Kindergarten is a national program through The Children’s Reading Foundation, originating in Washington State we have family members that teach and participate in this program. The thing I love about READY is they focus on ages birth through Kindergarten and give parents tools, resources, and ideas to use in every day life or in a more focused “homeschool” preschool atmosphere. I highly recommend finding a local READY! for Kindergarten program if there is one near you.

One of the recent tools I have from them is a calendar with 2-3 activities per week. Some of these activities are simple things we already do every day, others are new things that focus on a skill my children are learning. What a great way to work home school preschool into your schedule if you have not already! Make a list (or use one of mine) and plug 2-3 activities for the week into your calendar. I love using the reminder function in Google Calendar, it emails me a reminder for the day to prep and incorporate the activity.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Work on learning a song or finger play this week
    • think of a rhyme, song, or poem from your childhood you enjoyed
    • Check out Dr. Becky Bailey’s book I Love You Rituals
  • Have child match up numbers 1-9 with another number set (think of a puzzle, numbering 2 sets of spoons, numbers on a calendar etc.)
  • Roll 1 foam dice and turn another foam dice to match the dots
  • When reading a book ask your child “What will happen next” or “what was the story about” or “what did ____ do in the story”?
  • Sort coins or buttons into piles (start with 2 piles of likeness then do more)
  • Count stairs when walking up or down in your home, library, or community center
  • Name an item and take turns saying rhyming words (nonsensical words count too!)
  • Sing the ABC song while brushing teeth
  • Roll 2 dice, put a bear on top of each dot, ask “which has more? less?”
  • Make a two color pattern with counting bears or buttons (ababab pattern)
  • Find a book of Rhymes at the library, memorize one
    • try acting it out together for fun connecting time
  • Show several objects, take away one while child closes eyes. Ask “What is missing?”
  • Ask child open ended questions while reading “what would you do if”, “How do you think ___ feels”?
  • Talk with child about schedule for the day, at bedtime review what they did
  • At bedtime ask child what their favorite activity was
  • Check out a non-fiction book from the library, learn the meaning of some new words, have your child repeat the words back to you

For more ideas check these out:

Over the next month I will also be posting several ideas each week to try. I have also found that once I get my homeschool preschool supplies established and a schedule going, it becomes easier to come up with my own ideas to help my child grow their skills where they are at.

Happy learning!