Hi! I’m Candi

meI am a mother, wife, leader, blogger, and child of God. I love organizing, planning, and leading. I have a desire to inspire and share the gifts God has given me to bless other’s lives.

I enjoy where God has placed me in life and while I do not always succeed, I try to make the most of every day. In addition to my many roles I love gardening, sewing, running, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. On weekends and evenings you will most likely find our entire family outside enjoy creation.

About the Blog

I am a mother of 3 young children, all who are growing faster than seems possible.
Through my journey as a wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, errand runner, maid, gardener, painter, educator, etc. I have worked hard to collect valuable tools and resources to help me on my path.

On my blog you will find some resources on organization, parenting, spiritual leadership, doing preschool at home, and more.

My nest of the 5 of us is the first priority in my life. I hope the feathers you find here may be helpful to you in making your own nest feel like home.

Have questions or suggestions? Contact me.



feathersfrommynestblog.wordpress.com does not collect any personal information about you as a visitor except standard traffic logs automatically generated by our web server and Google Analytics.  And anything you leave deliberately as part of a comment.

We will never sell or voluntarily disclose your personal information or email address.


This blog earns income through affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned within. These are generally companies which I use or have used myself, I only recommend companies I believe in or would recommend using and am selective about the companies I recommend.

The blog does not accept any paid content and endorsement articles are not available at any price.

But when a company I do like (for example, Mint or Amazon) offers an affiliate program, I make a point of signing up and using their affiliate links if I happen to mention them in an article or the resource page.

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