Parenting Resources

Parenting Tools:

  1. Quiet Time Toy Bin– keep special toys for quiet time in the closet or in a box or bin nearby so that kids can choose 2 toys at quiet time
  2. Okay to Wake Clock: keep out of reach of little hands, it’s not very durable
  3. 20 Minute Timer, aids as a visual timer for children


Parenting Books:

Infant Sleep

Discipline, Development, and General Parenting




Spiritual Growth


Children’s Devotional Books:

 Short devotionals with finger play, great for ages birth and up

 Audio Cd, would be great to accompany any devotional or
    Short devotionals with activities, great for toddlers and up

Great for discipleship night!

(Short devotional, great for birth and up)
 (short devotional with full page of pictures and discussion questions, great for ages 4 and up)

Marriage Books: