Finding a Hobby

In my many roles I feel like I spend so much of my life and time giving to others and serving others. As a christian we are called to put others first, to serve, and give, but God also gives us gifts and talents and I believe we are to use these. God also calls us to rest. A hobby can give us rest and time to use the talents God has blessed us with. You can also use your hobbies that you are passionate about to share love with others.


I have had so many hobbies in my life, I ended up not having time to grow my skills in any one area. I spent some time evaluating what hobbies I enjoyed most, was most talented at, and made the most financial sense. My current hobbies include:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Running

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